Unique Advertising Benefits

How are we different from other job sites?

There’s no better job search URL in Vermont than VermontJobs.com. Our SEO campaigns will generate thousands of qualified job seekers. But that is where most job websites stop promoting your ad, and that’s where we just get started!

Your job listings won’t sit on a website waiting for people to search and find them. Our social media outreach will make sure your ads are seen. Your ad will reach people who are looking for jobs, as well as those who are not necessarily looking, but may very well be interested in the opportunities your company has to offer.

And unlike many other job sites, ours is easy to use, and offers the added benefit of targeted social media to generate qualified applicants for your open positions. We also offer the option of regional or statewide coverage.

Our social media experts will ensure your ads target your desired audience on Facebook, Instagram and we add promotion on LinkedIn and X for “Megaboosts.” 

Let us show you how “active advertising” can make all the difference in how your message is received, and in the number and quality of potential candidates who receive it.